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Cyprus must pay tribute in what smacks of Roman times.

In what smacks of Roman times, the EU fat cats on inflated salaries and vast 'expenses' allowances, deem that tribute must be paid, Hierarchy requires inferiors make  material tribute
to their betters in caste or status.

There is a pathology at wok here emanating from Brussels, ve must vatever we do, keep the Euro
afloat, vatever the human cost;Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain, with he UK shaping up to be next.

A reification of monetary debts can only be maintained by 'force'. A debt a promise corrupted by both math and violence. The mathematics abstracts obligation from the fluid process of community, while the 'violence' is wielded by the enforcers of the state, or less politely those white men in suits the 'mafia' called politicians.

UK citizens should be getting out their prayer mats and thanking whoever that the Holy Fool
Tony Blair, was not followed into adopting the Euro as their currency..

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