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A visit by 'foodies'

This couple seated at our family table are a well-educated pair, that is if you deem Oxbidge to be a seat of learning.

They arrive at midday and they talk till 6pm. 95% of their conversation is about food.
"Have you ever tried pigs trotters?"
"Oh you must...and pigs cheeks...just try it.  We had a meal when we were on the our last Cruise
(I thought 'educated' people knew what the hedonistic treadmill was and know when to get off)
"....and they served up this shank of was so succulent...."

By the time they had left we were both feeling queasy.

The ingestion of food is oral, and that is normal, but  if one has a fixation about food, is it then sexual?
Or am I being too Freud in my dourly, non-conformist way?

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