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The magic of 'once upon a time'.

What is  the lure, the magic, in the words 'once upon a time.'?

Is it the sense of lost purity and grandeur, deep wisdom that has been forgotten, Arcadia spoilt, the debased or diminished stature of modern humankind; of us  having passed a Golden Age, a Dreamtime, when children honored their parents.

In 'once upon a time' there is the chance for an audacious retellings of what is arguably one of the two or three primal human stories: the narrative of Innocence, Experience, and, straddling the margin between them, the Fall.

'Once upon a time' traffics in the wistful - the unassuageable ache of the imagined past.

Ths words evoke a  kind of magic formula for invoking the ache of this primordial nostalgia

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