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The BBC and its aura of sanctity

"I am a socialist."

When socialists proudly proclaim this,  they do so as if being a socialist comes with a halo effect.
Yes, there is an aura of sanctity of being a Socialist or so the myth would have us believe.

 But Socialist in some people's eyes is another word for a sponger, or more baldly, parasite.

So where do these Socialists earn their living?  A large, very large proportion of them
earn their living under an aura of sanctity, the Public Sector.

One of the Public Sector refuges for those of a left leaning tendency is the BBC.

There is a very special mythology about people who work for (or manage) organisations that subscribe to the Public Service Ethos: almost as if being employed by an outfit that is funded by state subsidy means that you aren’t doing it for payment, that idealism and devotion to your vocation are a substitute for remuneration.

This vague sentimental illusion manages to persist in spite of the fact that BBC executives are now stupendously well paid by the public purse.

The Public Service Ethos must be shielded from its own lapses, a cordon sanitaire is built round it, buy the Left, even in the recent case of the BBC, conspiring to conceal years of indecent criminality and gross irresponsibility, in order to ward off the threat of – what?

Well, of getting a job in the 'real' world.  People in the 'real' world of private enterprise
know that they must compete for your custom. That is precisely why private enterprises tend, on the whole, to offer a better and more scrupulously managed service than public monopolies.

So in the UK we live under a mythology, sanctimonious illusion, that public service (BBC)  is not tainted by the profit motive,  (just have a look over the outrageous salaries of BBC staff)
and the message is spread to the populace, by the BBC, that the state-funded institution must be inherently virtuous.

So where exactly does this all antediluvian type thinking come from? – that private enterprise, and specifically profit, are necessarily evil?

Well one of the sources that presently feeds this mythology that private enterprise is squalid, is the BBC which they find is a useful weapon in its anti-capitalist armoury.

Yet the aura of sanctity that surrounds government-funded enterprise such as the BBC - continues to justify the most outrageous, self-serving institutional behaviour.

Source: Janet Daley Sunday Telegraph

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