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Jane Austen a Marxist before Marx tutoring by Dr Cheevers on Skype

Marx crusaded to change the society as a whole; Jane Austen tried to discover enclaves for the life within society. 
Austen identifies the social sphere within which the practice of virtues is able 
to continue. At a historical time when long hair was a badge of virtue and a spinster was a valuable 
member of the household economically, as she did the 'spinning'; Austen is not blind to the economic realities, we learn in all her novels where the money of all the main characters comes from and we see a great deal of economic self-seeking 
Like Marx, it might be said, her preoccupation is with the counterfeit.

(My adaptation) from the source: Alisdair MacIntyre After Virtue

Peter P. Cheevers (Bosco Redmond)

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