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Is there Another Version of me Out there?

This post should have a warning. like ‘Do not try this at home!’ I realise it is all very counter intuitive and unsettling, but hey if you are of the kind, why not mind travel

I Google my name ...I feel it is an unusual name but when I Google it there are many names like mine and more alarmingly some come from my home city. Wow that is chastening; and some of them have similar professions - that is a bit humbling. And  some are a similar age, this is getting to be well, you begin to lose a sense of yourself. My sense of being an individual is sorely tested by this.

I think how much of an individual am I? But then I must accept that I am made of particles, and science has it, that particles which you and I are made of can be in two places at once. Then it might follow that I can be in two places at once.

But where would the other me be?

Well, as the Googling indicated there are a lot of similarities out there and if we were to travel beyond, in space where there are no boundaries, where no sign will ever say, ‘Stop, Space Ends Here at the Cliff Edge!’ Keep travelling for billion of miles, billion, trillions of years and you will never come across such a sign.
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Space is infinite and Universes are infinite; think of it, trillions of stars, planets, cosmos, and universes forever and ever.

Now if I am made of atoms and atoms can be in two places at the same time, it follows, as there is so many similarities to me on earth that in infinity there must be another me on another planet because in infinity everything, every possibility has occurred and it reoccurring

So back to our space traveller and if he travels far enough and long enough he must come across an Earth just like ours, and if he goes on travelling he will find that space is teeming with Earths just like ours for in Infinity this must be the case.

Every possibility of what I have ever done and might do has been done elsewhere by another version of me. i.e, Elvis is rocking, or not rocking on the planet 'thring a throng'. In another parallel Universe he is a brain surgeon. In another he is get the picture and a rather disturbing one it is.
To view video on this topic: go to: Bosco Redmond You Tube

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