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We do not speak language - language speaks us.

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The "I" of a sentence such as "I went to the store" is a different entity from the subject who speaks the sentence.

The "I" within the sentence is an 'empty' marker

The subject who enunciates (you/me) isn't the same as the subject of enunciation (the "I" in the sentence),

Anyone could say the sentence, "I went to the store" and it would 'mean' them

In the meaning-field, meaning occurs by difference, not by identity

As we acquire language we enter a flow of meaning which has   two broad configurations:

i) Language is an independent system of differentiations

ii) Language is a storehouse of cultural meaning,

This had led to the idea, articulated by the philosopher Heidegger and others, that humans do not speak language, language speaks us.

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