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The Religion called the 'Liberal World Order'

The 'Liberal World Order' has a cult ring to it, if not that then
a tad authoritarian?  But what it really is akin to is a quasi religious edict, Liberal World Order, is 'good'  it is 'reasonable'  it is 'tolerant', it is the 'truth' and  all such other claims which are essentially metaphysical. So what underlies these claims to a better world, the right way, the moral way.  Well, what undergirds these claim is that strange homunculus,  called the 'soul.
The Liberal World Order is an appeal to the 'soul'; do what is 'right' and 'moral' and you will nurture the soul (whatever that is)  But there is devil in the detail, as other comments have pointed out, there is swell of opinion emerging Trump/Brexit/
Hungary/Poland/Austria and now Germany et al/ who have tasted the Liberal World Order and have decided that the Liberal World Order is not their kind of Religion.

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