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Populations are tiring of the Liberal wails that rent the airwaves

The 'Beltway' schemers are out to extirpate (destroy completly_, TrumpBut is it finally closing time in the gardens of the Liberal West? The wails that have rent the air since the Brexit vote and Trump’s victory rise from the same parts of Anglo-America that hosted, post the 1990's  the noisiest celebrations of liberalism, democracy, free markets and globalisation. 

Framing these Manicheanisms good/bad, moral/immoral  as the West’s domestic problem, had those bien pensants  suggest a quasi-solution: an ‘inclusive nationalism’, which Obama and Macron  articulated in their speeches. We need to focus on what ‘unites rather than what divides us’, that kid of appeal, however the left in its mad drive for globalism are guilty of a ‘radical rejection of the nation and all its trappings.

How does one rebuild a ‘collective form of belonging’ in the the increasingly racially and ethnically heterogeneous West? 

I know say the talkers/experts/think tanks we will creates the spectre of  the threat of communism or fascism that undergirds them, the hated Trumpists .’ 
The ad hominen name calling of Nazis et al is advocated by the supposedly educated left  One can only describe such stupidity as quite frightening it is they who have caved in to authoritarian temptationsusing the word Nazi as an essential bulwark.

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