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Do you have a right to your 'rights'?

 Don't be afraid to say it for it is time you spoke up, perchance.  But for what?For our rights to speak up and not be silenced by our decade of intense structural relativism and designer tribalism, that has us all terrified of passing judgment.
'Rights' arise out of Judaeo-Christian ethics and values; but sadly those most vocal in advocating our rights  epitomised by Thomas Jefferson's concept of being 'free. .. to pursue happiness'. Problem: Jefferson's pursuit of happiness included enslaving his own illegitimate children by his black mistress.

The rights culture began with Rousseau (the philosopher who abandoned his children at a public orphanage) as a way of replacing God with the state.
In America, rights were trumpeted the loudest by those in favour of slavery, even up to the end of the Civil War. Karl Marx eagerly embraced much of Rousseau's thinking and Lenin based the Soviet constitution on the rights of men. Sad.

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