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How to get 100s of recommends in the New York Times

'For decades, James B. Comey cultivated an image of purity as a lawman who stood above politics and politicians.' Lordy, one does not. have to delve deeply to discover that his family, wife and children, were avid Democrats, who went on marches and carried anti Trump banners. One wonders about the conversations that must have taken place in the Comey household. So one would have to be naive on a grand scale to believe in his non partisan purity, however by way of selective indoctrination and omission by the media Comey's image has been peddled as a man 'above politics'. There is something very Russian in this kind of misinformation, think of a Russian samizdat, say Pravda in the 'Cold War' type censorship. Oh a tip here from a snooty Englander if you want to get hundreds of of recommends for your comment, be mono syllabbic; keep to the one syllable type approach, garner the op-ed journalist with plaudits no matter how partisan they are and the cardinal rule defame Trump at least twice of three times in each of your sentences. Lordy, I wish you well on your quasi religious quest.

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