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Are psychoanalists judges?

Are psychoanalists judges? or do does one come out of analysis and use as a defence mechanism
one's daily reality which might be a feeling that everyone had to be listened to, apologised to, thanked for giving me permission to live my life.  l

It is as if one is living a life of propitiation (the action of propitiating or appeasing a god, spirit, or person)
as one balefully looks back at  how to win back families, friends  families, lover past and present, how to win their forgiveness for deserting them and they deserting you. Real life as kind of ongoing theatre

We are as actors in a play with the audience out there sententious to a man/woman as their resentment to 'you' being on stage is sinuous meandering serpentine like.  While we (I) continue to inflict my neurotic symptoms on others.  Stamping one's fooot is  always theatrical, a way of raising the psychological stakes. and the rewards?  ‘intense disgust with one's public self’.

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