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Political polarisation, if you don't share my political beliefs, then no, you can't have a date

Dating websites  report that fewer people are willing to consider relationships with people who don’t share their political beliefs. 

On, 60% of singles said they were less open to dating across party lines than they were two years ago.

This person speaks for many: 'I couldn't date a supporter of the opposing party because“when somebody has beliefs that you think are just morally wrong, it feels like a personal attack on you.'

Why is this?

More and more Americans now get their news from nakedly ideological outlets, which makes it less likely that they’ll encounter opposing views – i.e

Fox News right wing (whatever that means)

The rest Liberals Media which a Harvard study has shown are nakedly biased

In the UK Labour  - what the liberal 'left'  circa 1960 type views, mostly University graduates
and London centric

Conservative  - the working class, rural away from the bubble of big cities

Never the twain shall meet

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