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Is Angela Merkel unstable as she endeavours to exorcise German guilt

Angela Merkel 'is showing signs of a mental breakdown' and 'narcissism' over her 'stubborn' refusal to reverse her migrant policy, warns celebrated German psychiatrist

  • Dr Hans-Joachim Maaz calls Angela Merkel a classic overachiever
  • Says praise for open borders has fed Chancellor's 'narcissism'
  • Angela Merkel is childless but now she has a lot of children
  • 1.1 million at last count never need one feel barren again
  • if that is the psychological state and never need one as a
  • German feel guilt again after her most noble deluded gesture
  • let them all come in  all are welcome
Quite frightening stuff, no doubt the German people will
reelect her. 

After Maceroon that cheeky young banking chappy being elected in France - with a wife old enough to be his mother
(surely this is a psychological statement) you just throw your hands up in despair at supine electorates.

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