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In the UK at one time there was the theory that more jobs would mean less benefits/food stamps but mass immigration broke that

There are two major problems with contemporary British society, according to David Goodhart in The British Dream, and both are primarily caused by immigration.

 The first problem is economic: the plight of the white working class, especially the young, and the decline of social mobility.

There is an  argument  that low-skilled immigrants have taken jobs from unskilled natives, leaving them languishing on benefits, while high-skilled immigration reduces both the incentives and opportunities for ambitious and talented natives to move up the ladder.

To have millions of long-standing residents sitting at home on benefit while poorer foreigners come in and take the jobs that they should be doing makes no sense for the country as a whole;

Well done you politicians;  a winning point  for Donald Trump is that he is not a 
politician, look at them being trundled out on television  it is if they have been chipped in the brain
and therefore they must speak their strange incestuous language.

There is a  belief that if immigrants get ‘more’ of something (jobs, education, opportunities, political power), natives (or whites) must get less.

Think about it this way. Suppose you’re poor, young and white: where in the UK do you want to be? 

To put it bluntly, if you’re going to be white, British and poor, all the statistical evidence suggests you’d be better off anywhere in London, surrounded by immigrants, with a Muslin Mayor and now the white indigenous population vastly outnumbered.  Does anyone find such a  reality quite frightening?

Does a sliver of fear run through one in the face of that fact and if that being the case are we then to expect more urban Manchesters?

You know that television anchor people are in a bubble, they need to get out more, as there are areas in London which are now
almost wholly Muslin with Sharia Courts Stratford in East London being one such place.

Brexit was a voice,  a population crying out enough, that is enough immigration.

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