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Trump is not Hitler (however...goes the Liberal caveat)

'Of course Trump is not Hitler indeed  I would go further and state quite categorically that Trump is not Hitler and we in the US of A are not living in some Weimar

Why do I say this? because  there are many stark differences between both the men and the historical conditions in which they ascended to power. (Surprise Surprise)

 Nonetheless (oh here we go the self serving caveat)  there are sufficient areas of similarity in some regards to make Trump and Hitler's similarity quite chilling. Speaking of which I an now going to dredge up comparisons between Trump and Hitler'

'Sorry, can I ask you a question are you a Liberal?'

'I don't see what that has to do with it, but yes I am.'

'...and a Democrat?'

'Yes...but so what?'

'And did you attend one of the Ivy League College?'

' what?'

'I rest my case.'

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