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The deplorables and the irredeemable elite look at each other through a concept

Image result for deplorable and irredeemable
Image result for deplorable and irredeemable

So do these two strands of US, Trump & UK Brexit society if only they could look at each other clearly
with world-old eyes, and see simply human beings, 
weak and pitiable, like me and I venture your wrath, you.

Do the 'deplorables' - the humiliated - see 
more clearly the reality of the lives of those who humiliate them 
than the humiliators themselves can. Here a kind of clairvoyance is required; a kind of wine into water transubstantiation required to really 'get' what the other is actually thinking - for there is a  capacity for knowledge that escapes those who initiate the humiliation. This knowledge of the elites against us, the deplorables, is attained through the body, a visceral hatred of being duped by
smooth talkin' smart asses.

The humiliators  ascribe others of beliefs, intentions, expectations or reactions that stigmatize them, this  demeaning, or derogatory estimations of one’s capabilities, preferences, aptitudes and desires is a flawed think tank

For it came to bite them through Brexit and the US election.  Holland is looming and so is pauvre France

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