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Is US and British democracy manufactured by half educated opinion makers

 Is it true the that the elite in Britain and the US maintain power by controlling attitudes and opinions?  The distinguished Noam Chomsky and his many adherents on the defeated radical left say the masses are brainwashed into voting against their interests by journalists, who are under the control of rich proprietors and advertisers.
On the face of it this would appear to be true, the 'left' control the UK state news outlet the BBC, in the US Fox news is the sole stand alone news outlet on the 'right' swamped by all the
other 'leftist' media outlets
Image result for leftist journalists or so they 'the media' believe

Well, it is undeniably true. that 'they' the opinion makers  are under the control of something - rich proprietors and advertisers
they are not free agents for they sing like canaries from the same hymn sheet  - ever read an article with a rightist view in the New York Times or the Guardian?  So what one gets from these 'educated' journalists is a biased and predictable mantra which the electorate, surprise, surprise, recognised and saw through.

We are not as dumb as we look to you
So one could argue that in the UK and the US there is a malign leftist totality that manufactures democratic consent and thereby democracy is “manufactured”.  One could argue that this is true of the left and Obama, and his millions of small donations that got him elected and the argument goes he got elected through 'mob' rule.
However if the Brits and US citizens have supposedly been brainwashed by a totalitarian press and news outlets how come Brexit and Trump?
Well the charge still stands - what happened was  that there was a 'thinking' concensus that recognised and then rejected these faux new outlets for what they were - half educated elites (the ratio of leftist leaning Professors in Journalism Colleges is 30 to 1 in Engineering it is 2 to 1) intent on feathering their ideological nests as panic set in; '...what is going to happen to my gardener and my maid they are lovely people, I am sure they are but so are the indigenous people that are being denied because you employ them on lower salaries.

Obama's legacy is Trump and the tacit civil war that the US is now undergoing.

While Obama, who left his Presidency having borrowed more money than all the other US presidents combined and left the US Treasury trillions of dollars in debt,  lunches with Bono holidays with Richard Branson and is continually cheered on by the coastal elites  - talk about brainwashing. 'We go high while you go low.'  Tee hee.

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