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In the USA the1965 Immigration Reform Act is one of the reason Trump is President

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Immigration Act of 1965 at the foot of the Statue of Liberty on October 3, 1965 as Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Lady Bird Johnson, Sen. Edward

Despite the overwhelming assurances of the bill's supporters, the 1965 Immigration Reform Act has remade society into the image its critics most feared.  Immigration levels topping a million a year will increase U.S. population to 400 million within 50 years. 

Meanwhile, exponents of multiculturalism insist new arrivals make no effort to assimilate; to do so would be "genocidal," a notion that makes a mockery of real genocides.  Instead, long-forgotten grudges are nursed against the white populace.  Native citizens take to flight as the neighborhoods around them, the norms in their hometowns, are debased for the convenience of low-paid immigrants and well-heeled businessmen.  All the while, indigenous paychecks drop through lower wages and higher taxes collected to provide social services for immigrants.  And this only takes into account legal immigration.

What was cynical about this Act ushered in by Robert Kennedy, was the underlying intention
that immigration would supplement the Democrats voter base.

This is not just an American crime, Tony Blair in the UK without consulting the British
people, ushered in mass migration on a massive scale, it was form of gerrymandering
- a practice intended to establish a political advantage, to give voter ballast to his Labour Party

In France, poor France, tubby joker Monsieur Hollande encouraged migration as this
 proved correctly self serving as the majority of Muslims voted for him in the Presidential

What is refreshing about Donald Trump is that he is not a politician so he is like a burst of flame on a damp log

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