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The transvestite, blurred gender and category crisis.

Our categories are themselves ghosts, or ghost-writers, and not the reassuring commodities which we, and a long philosophical tradition before us, pretend that they are. We don’t own them, nor do they own us: we are simply attached to them

Along comes the transvestite to unsettle  some of our assumptions and certainties

for the transvestite is anti-esentialist, 

Because of the ‘power of the Anti-essentialist, transvestite to unsettle assumptions, structures and hierarchies

 the marginal no longer consolidates the norm – they displace it.


The transvestite, in Garner’s view, disclosing the truth about gender by performing a category crisis by way of revealing the repressed norm of ‘blurred gender’ leading to a radical confusion

Blurred gender is the terror of any secure sexual identity 

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