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Why the left wing 'luvvies' hate Brexit

At first glance, the EU seems like a modern day form of international communism. The collectivisation of many states powers for the groups –rather than individual nations, interests. The PR democracy, the European Identity (concept), all seem to go well, with traditional “left wing” ideology.

But pull back the ideological veil

As You Look at the Reality…

On Social Equality…
1. 46.7% of the budget going on agriculture, ... diture.svg more specifically food subsidies for (usually) very rich land owner. And it is the land owner who collects the subsidies (rather than tenant farmer).
that shrouds the inner workings of those unelected (white men), some say parasitic, beurocrats who rule the EU roost and one sees a different reality.

As did the majority of the British people who voted Brexit.

PS I am aware 'luvvie' is a derogatory term, and apologies to all those deeply sensitive souls
pushing and shoving their way up Mount Moral to plant their better than thou flag.

Coutld the hate from the artistic community be in any way related to EU subsidies and grants?

I am funded therefore I exist.

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