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Michelle Obama's Idea of what is High is in fact Low

OK, You are the First Lady, surely there is the responsibility of the DIGNITY OF OFFICE
attached to this, so what do you do you go on a hand jive stint with some affable Brit comedian, and some would argue caricature your own culture with hand jive and all accompanied to the banality of pop music who some refer to not as 'pop' but porn.

Obviously on undertaking this 'gig' she must have been under the impression she was aiming 'high' when by any standards it is low and beneath the dignity of office.

One can only suspect this is a woman with an ego deficit, if millions see me great and now
I will go on the campaign trail and millions more will see me, this is low self aggrandisement

In space there is no such thing as high or low, but Michelle whose thesis at University was so bad that Christopher Hitchens declared it to have been written not in any known language. Perhaps her time in University and she got admitted through the diversity programme, might have been better spent
of seeing Literature as a means to alert one ; to think rather than assent; for close reading of any situation is is the antidote to indoctrination 
Jamie Corden spoofing around in a car to pop music is a situation one should be alerted to 
and rather than in a supine way assenting or being indoctrinated by being seen by his millions of viewers, you stand on some dignity of office.
So how is Michelle to know what is high or low?

Then there is Hillary, she with the fixity of her quite frightening smile, what she deems as low
is Trumps braggadocio (or locker room boasting) or his suspected groping of women (watch out ladies he is going to sue you all with a vengeance) So Trump in Hillary's evaluatory system is 'low'
yet she lives in a household where the truly low abuse of power has been enacted against women, her husband's philandering.  So if she lives with and condones such 'low' behaviour surely she is in no position to throw stones at the 'low' if she is tainted with the 'low' herself.

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