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One man’s utopia is another man’s dystopia

Iis there a non-didactic imagination -  a liminal place where we might all agree on: eg Trump/Obama, Brexit/Remainians

 However there is an incomensurability of different people’s view of happiness and value.  with little presence of a foundation principle.

It is on some interest that the most poignant critics of utopia are those those who have become disillusioned by a youthful/student ideal, ie the older generation.

Jeremy Bentham advocated the utilitarian pragmatism of the greatest happiness for the greates numbe; but we return to a foundation principle;
conservative ideologues accuse liberal educationalists ideologues replacing education with indoctrination, the loss of canonical texts; trendy methodologies; no value is better than any other, reasons liberatory power;  diverstity tolerance et al,

the repost of the liberal to this if you have a counter view is:  'you are beneath contempt.'

To this failure of concensus of left/rigth could there not be a cultural mosaic under which they both operate? But that is a Utopian suggestion, the naivety of  the idealist. 

Still patience, it might come, in the meantime let us be banal

and have a little patience, music notes 

as we dont really know what is going on


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