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Human interaction and property rights


I was reminded recently in a heated exchange with someone on the lawn of their front garden.

A discussion led into a heated argument with much finger wagging.
Till this friend of mine drew on the coup de grace of 'how dare you speak to me in that way, GET OFF MY PROPERTY. Naturally I was subservient to his property rights. Later I reflected on one's rights in Capitalist Society; the human element is subservient to Property Rights.  

a relation is determined by its exchange-value in this capitalist society, which in “human” relations is already a denial of that human element. When Earl meets Harry on the latter’s lawn, Earl says ingratiatingly, even subserviently: “We’re on your property now. Now you’re the boss. You can make short work of me if I get out of line . . . you have the moral advantage and . . . I’m in a subordinate position . . . that gives you a tremendous edge” 

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