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Has David Cameron gone slightly bonkers over his passion for the EU

The in/out debate in the UK continues apace. if we leave there could be war, economic ruin,
a plague of locusts etc etc

The EU is run by a non-elected cabal of beurocrats, it is awash with public money.

You can extrapolate what you want from that.

It expands and desires to do so like an ink stain on blotting paper.

Why, in God's name does he (Cameron) want to stay in?

The EU is foundering, Greece and other Med countries as evidence

Germuany, its titulare head, Frau Merkel her ideological ship (is it because she has no children that she adopt a million migrants) holed below the water line and her supporters leaking away at an ever increasing speed.

I used to like Cameron, thought he was a good chap, but now am completely mystified by his draconian forecasts, and as to why he wants to stay in the EU?

Something funny going on here.  Could it be democracy?

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