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Books and publishing serving the interest of the Universities

  • To refer to someone as a tenured hermenuete sounds perjorative but be that as it may.  They are a breed who in many cases are stiffly superior who in my experience of their marking of students who have sweated and laboured over texts to see a lazy marking, a red ink scrawl whiich is an abdication of vigilance, and says more about the person marking ( I would rather be doing any than this, or I would love to be working on my book) etc.
  • As an addenda, the economics of publishing encouraged the production of novels and poems of the kind university instructors would be tempted to write about, thus furthering their careers, and to assign to their classes, thus bringing in profits, the college market in the United States being very large. This suggested important perceptions (not always followed through) into the origins and character of some products of the Post-Modern imagination, and raised the question of the desirability for a literary culture of being too closely tied to universities. academic orthodoxies of our day.’
It is in this world of academia you are most likely to encounter egocentric billowings and coercive egomania 

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