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Electronic distraction - the actual substance of our mindless lives

Excuse my Swiftian diatribes against the actual substance of our lives which 
is total eletronic distraction as we are googled, twittered,  facebooked into an endess mindless looking at screens,
In overcrowded  London with its ceasesless spatial jostling, people continually bump into you as head down  they obsess about their latest text, as they continue to seek human solutions from the blandisments of mainstream, capitalist culture.

This obsession with looking at screens is a manic imaginative conceit of
 inane magnitude of the human mind that believed this will be the communication that is a game changer.

In this cardinal contemporary reality we are effectively rendered docile by this pursuit of looking and hoping at screens, are we no  more than puppet like pawns in a game we do not really know or uderstand what is ocurring?

It is an epiphenomenon which is metastatizing

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