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Rats desert ship as Europe unravels.

Benoit Hamon
Benoit Hamon, a French minister, doesn't he look interesting, know intense and he say says 'austerity measures have failed.' Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Yes,this  French socialist minister has pit his ead above ze parept, and launched an impassioned attack on the "failing" austerity policies imposed on European economies, which he said were now only supported by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel and a few others.

In outspoken comments that will fuel tensions between France and Germany Benoit Hamon, the social and consumer affairs minister, told the Observer that it was "time to finish with the politics of austerity in Europe". He added: "Only Merkel, supported by a few northern countries, believes austerity is working …' zut, alors, what is appening?

. Figures released last week revealed that French unemployment had reached a record level, with more than 3.2 million people seeking workAs the economy stagnates, approval ratings for President François Hollande have plummeted to the lowest levels recorded since the fifth republic began in 1958.

Well done, Francois, he of the wife, the mistress, the paunch, ladies what can you see him apart from power?

As a signatory to the European stability pact, which was strongly promoted by Germany last year, Hollande is committed to a programme designed to bring France's budget deficit below 3% of gross domestic product by the end of this year, although that target is almost certain to be missed.

On Saturday a leaked French Socialist party draft document accused Merkel of "selfish intransigence" as she continues to insist on austerity policies. Hamon said the French government needed to bite the bullet and accept that ending austerity would lead to a falling-out with Europe's biggest economic power. He said: "This will cause political tension with the Germans and cause political differences."

However, he added that as eurozone economies continued to stagnate and unemployment soared, particularly in southern Europe, the tide was turning against Merkel's emphasis on reducing debts at all costs. "The wave of opinion against austerity is in the majority now among leaders and economists," he said. "The only economy that is resisting, opposing, vetoing is Germany."

The deficit-cutting demands of the stability pact have been pushing eurozone governments to breaking point, as spending cuts and tax rises choke off economic growth. Last week Spain – which has a youth unemployment rate of more than 50% – said it would require two more years to hit its deficit targets.

And so the unravelling continies as the rats desert their ship,  'HMS Idealism',  stuffed with left wing
ideas which were in essence theological.


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