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Liberals put a gagging order on Free Speech

In the UK Boris Johnson, although Polls show the British public overwhelmingly support  him, is facing an investigation and could be disciplined by Conservative party bosses and that ever so nice school teacher, our Prime Minister Theresa May after saying women in burkas looked like 'letterboxes' and 'bank robbers'  If it comes  to the worst I suppose Boris will have to fall back on his Degree in Classics from Oxford, just like Dr Alice Wiedel; heading up the AFD Party, the anti Merkel  (alternative for Germany) has to fall back on her Doctorate in Chemistry.  Come on, waky waky,  NYT they are not all 'deplorables' and Free speech is not an aberration even if 'liberal' politicians in the North Atlantic democracies have kept us all watching our backs as they construct Orwellian speech codes and guidelines on civility to soften the impact of unpleasant ideas. Once their PC enforcement and exclusion have done their work, this assumption becomes almost irresistible; and it is relied on to produce a fortunate result: self-censorship. So we  stay out of trouble by gagging ourselves. Most people (the highly literate Media are among the worst) believe that what is good for them will be good for others.  Meanwhile, over in Sweden as in the rest of Europe liberal holy grails are being shattered at the PC altar of Mount Moral - the waters are rising  for the Liberal cognoscenti - time to 'man' the lifeboats.       

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