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'Trump Treasonous Traitor' that is scary alliteration

'Trump  Treasonous Traitor' the New York Times journalists are at it again with their scary headlines,

'Trump  Treasonous Traitor' with it scary and childish alliteration that ham fised delivers it partisan
message to its gulled readers. Yes, ;...the Robert Mueller investigation is looking into this, trying to figure out....' I'll say they are and millions and millions of
taxpayers dollars later (well one has to understand that lawyers
have to acquire that 11 bed roomed house). This Mueller show is going to run and run funded by a duped American taxpayer.
One's default option on perusing this frighteningly partisan piece is to lapse into satire.
So satirically or not,  I would not be surprised to see the Mueller probe on Broadway in the next decade. The set designer would have a field day think of mocking up all those 11 bed roomed houses

Many thinking people believe that the real terrorists in our society are the media.

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