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I will do what is right and 'moral' in what domain does morals belong?

In his essay ‘Of the Standard of Taste’, Hume made a distinction between how people judge in matters of aesthetics and how they judge in science. 

In AEStHETICS , according to Hume, everyone tends to agree about standards – elegance and simplicity are good; affectation and bombast are bad – while they are at each others’ throats about whether this particular painting is beautiful. 

In science , the situation is reversed: scientists, for example, agree about facts and fall out when the matter turns to metaphysics. 

To what domain, Hume asked, do morals belong? For  many there is a healthy skepticism about the merit of ethical/moral  principles

 Attempts to deduce ethical judgments from universal and general principles usually come to grief as do  philosophical condescension towards case-based ethical reasoning.

 Alasdair MacIntyre’s view was that consensual ethical judgments are only possible within ‘traditions'’So
should we be morally agnostic or if not that then sceptical about people who claim the moral high ground?

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