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Getting over self criticism

When we have self-critical thoughts we often assume they’re 100 percent true, an accurate reflection of reality. But the actual reality is that they’re not. Our thoughts aren’t necessarily realistic or even meaningful. And we don’t have to believe them or act on them.
By being mindful of our thoughts, we simply observe them, without judging them, believing them or taking them seriously.
For instance, “you recognize that I’m so incompetent is just a thought … You observe the emotions that it triggers and the urges that follow. Okay, you say to yourself. I made a mistake, and now I’m feeling embarrassed and frustrated and I’m tempted to give up and go home.
Then you can figure out a constructive next step, remembering to treat yourself as you would a good friend in the same situation.
One's labeling self-critical thoughts as thoughts when they arise. Include these phrases in front of those thoughts: “I’m having the thought that…” or “I’m noticing the thought that…”
This is a way of disengaging from a passive self laceration that is submissive and solipsistic, and being solipistic one has an unnshaken affirmation that 'I' was awful
I said that, did I really say that...dear God what will they think of me me me me
Here is an alternative thinking mode,  these self criticisns are note waves that own no curbing hand

“I can’t do anything right,” becomes “I’m having the thought that I can’t do anything right.”  You are dis engaging and breaking up the passivity of the thought process the mindless acceptance of self demeaning inner lacerating chatter.
If you’re having multiple self critical thoughts, you might  say, “I’m having  a lot of self-critical thoughts right now...this is a form of self harm.

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