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Our subjectvity an immodest and exhibitionist notion

Attempts to reorientate philosophical inquiry and redraw the distinction between subjectivity and objectivity have for long fallen on stony receptive ground

Wherever he looked, Jean Paul Sartre observed us living our ordinary lives as if we were self-centred beings, though we always implicitly know that the world contains neither centres nor selves. His was a 
daunting personal vocation, a constant crusade against bewitchment by the waffly approximations of everyday thinking.

Our task might be into  look the chaos of unsynchronised temporalities that constitute the incalculably self and other.

I mean on ourselves is  inferiority inferior to superiority?’

On the existence or not of the subject  can’t we be left to enjoy the philosophical landscape without signing up to a sect? Are we to be ostracised for a flicker of doubt?

The other are not dervivative of selfhood and otherness lies ‘beyond being’ and ‘beyond ontological categories’.  Selfhood is not a stand alone thing it is derivative of the other.

The caress for instance reveals the self as ‘hostage to others’, beyond both egoism and altruism

Are we then  an ecstasy of fused identities? For knowledge cannot be uprooted from the soil of human contingency

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