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America's Poet Laureate's views on Trump

'He IS a Mutt': De Niro Says Trump 'Sullied and Debased the Presidency'

Yes, the Sylvan tongued poet is rhapsodizing again, how sweet this poets words
how his dulcet tones do fall upon the attendant ear.

Mr De Niro,  a product of Hollywood, that La La land of people who are just not serious, yes Hollywood, the place of the biggest confidence trick ever enacted on the populace
And Mr De Niro well known for his deeply sensitive portrayal of gangsters and tattooed thugs pronounces his views once again.
What jars and is indeed 'mutish' is the unsaid support for Hillary who he no doubt would have preferred.  Here if the Hillary presidency had been enacted, the words sullied and debasing of the presidency would have been better applied.

Show business people, don't you just love them...not 

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