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The pathological claim that we 'are all the same'..

This post will not delight the Gestalt (the perception of oneness from many) contingent

Each person has an unknown multitude of sensory receptors, and our atoms are the momentary triggering of sensory receptors, but how do we define an atom (something that can be in two places at the same time?                       

also our

Consciousness is subjective 

and unless we are dead  we are unfinished. 

So why this Liberal pathological claim, ('we are all the same') of homogeneity?  

It is but a dream that we have a meaningful a repetoire of perceptual features and it is only
in 2016 that scientist are becoming of the bewildering impulses in our brains.

And it is only through future developments in neurology and physics will be able to determine such for currently scientist are only scratching the surface of 
 what a bewildering array of input of reorganising and digesting takes place in our brains in the split second before we are aware of what has hit us.

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