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The Unbearabiity of Insignificance

Belief in original sin has always sanctioned bad behaviour, 'I transgress ergo I exist' (I would rather be bad and something, rather than be good and nothing). 

Of the defiant non sequitur, 'Actually I don't want to be redeemed or healed as I have  that kind of strong personality that discourages psychoanalysis’ and further I am a great debunker, and I have
 an awe-inspiring lack of respect’ and  besides I am far too original and radical to be content to be merely unconventional’. 

No, that is not Oscar Wilde proclaiming his genuis, and hard to believe as it is, but there are actually people currently of that ilk - they are usually found in the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge.  

 When you encounter them, with their 'originality' aggression and flair for provocation, you want to say but all this peacock preening of yours is no more than
your quest for authority against what you deem to be the virus of insignificance.

Their usual retort is, 'Oh well done you, for that mouthful.'

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