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When we choose what to say or to write

When we choose what to say or to write, we do so knowing that much has been said or written on the same subject before, and that there will also be a linguistic response from others to what we now contribute.  We should alway be cognisant of  ‘Answerability’that will come back to us from the 'other'. . Authorship is a form of social action and selfhood the product of such action, to be defined only in terms of the exchanges of one individual with others.

The theory of literature is really a theory of life. The literary work is a unity, a creation, but it is full of competing ‘voices’; to read it intelligently is to try to recognise and sort out the cacophony. The interpretative task is one of ‘social evaluation’.

If we are socially-minded and knowledgeable enough to be able to use it, makes the interpretation of literature fairly personal, since there won’t be a consensus as to the values or ideologies that texts display. But it is not subjective or capricious because the evaluations it makes are social and not psychological ones

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