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Should all mystic states be regarded as hallucinations?

The hallucinator as a ‘visionary’ has in the past been deemed to be a 'visionary'.

Yet these private sensory events have been integrated into the public sphere throughout human history, and then often seens as legitimate sources of information: oracles, messages from ancestors or the voice of God.

However with the advent of neuroscience such 'visionarys' are shown to be minds adrift
their hallucinations were not messages from beyond the self but errors in mental functioning. As such they were by definition pathological, and increasingly viewed as symptoms of a malfunctioning
of the sense organs.

Some have equated halucination with madness and see it as a fundamental fact of delirium, mental illness or even  madness.’The physician and theorist of dreams Alfred Maury assumed a direct equivalence between hallucinators and the insane: ‘For what are the latter, if not minds who believe in their hallucinations as if they were serious facts/'

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